A Close Look on Erectile Dysfunction and the Most Recommended ED Drug Tadalafil

Erectile dysfunction (ED) has always been a disease that plagued men since the dawn of civilization.  Due to this condition, there have been many fights as well as breakups between couples because a man who has this erectile condition is unable to perform his sexual duties to his partner.  Although it may seem somewhat cruel or even rude to say, sex is an essential part of a healthy couple’s life as this act is not only a form of intimacy or bonding between the two, but the fulfillment of sexual needs must sometimes be performed and achieved in order to calm the urges.

For any man who suffers from erectile dysfunction, it is very much likely that he feels embarrassed about his erectile impotence and that he is perplexed on how such a rare sexual condition has happened to him.  The truth is male penile impotence is not such a rare condition as there are over a hundred million men in this earth who has it.  It is estimated that 1 in 5 men will encounter penile impotence within their sexual life with different severity.

There are basically three types of erectile dysfunction:

  1. The complete and total inability to attain penile erection.
  2. The ability to attain penile erection, but not hard enough to permit vaginal penetration.
  3. The ability to attain penile erection, but unable to sustain it long enough to last the duration of the sexual intercourse.

The problem with erectile dysfunction is that no matter what type your condition belongs to, you will not be able to successfully engage in sexual intercourse.  This is unless of course you take ED treatment medications like generic tadalafil.

Tadalafil is a drug created by the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly and sold under the brand name, Cialis.  Generic tadalafil is actually the generic name of Cialis and is also its main active ingredient.  Generic tadalafil got its FDA-approval since November of 2003 and has since become the favorite of many couples due to the 36 hours of effective duration that it gives its user.  Most ED drugs in its class offers only 4-10 hours of effective duration, making the 36 hours duration length that generic tadalafil brings a welcome advantage.

For men who do not have ED and do not use any ED medications, the effective duration that ED treatment drugs give does not necessarily mean the length of time that you will have an erection.  This is actually a misconception because if you do have such a lengthy erection, you will suffer from a condition called priapism which is very painful and may lead to lasting injury.  What makes ED drugs like generic tadalafil a true blessing for those that have penile impotence is that when the drug is in effect, the man suffering from ED who used the drug will seem to have normal erectile functions.  This means that even though generic tadalafil is in effect, the penis remains in its limp stage until sexual stimulation is applied.  This stimulation can be from sight, touch, or imagination.  When he becomes sexually aroused, he will have the same erection response similar to when he had normal erectile functions.  Once stimulation or arousal is no longer present, the penis will go back to its limp stage again.

Generic tadalafil has proven to be very effective and thanks to its 36 hours of effective duration, it has become the most recommended ED drug not just by couples, but by urologist or ED medical professionals.  Although Viagra remains popular as an ED drug because it is the one that started ED medication in the first place, but those in the know choose generic tadalafil over anything else.