Are Generic ED Medications Worth the Buy?

It has always been argued that branded medications are better than generic ones, or that generic medicines are equally the same as that of branded medications.  The truth is that it actually depends on the medication you are buying.  Needless to say, some generic meds are worth the buy and some are not.  In the case of ED medications, it is always safe to say that they are a good buy.  This is because with such medications, the body’s response towards the medication is very visible unlike when you simply buy antibiotic drugs wherein results cannot be confirmed until you finish your course of antibiotic medications.  If generic ED drugs were not as effective as their branded counterparts, it is likely that they would not sell.

What are generic medicines?

When a new type of drug is released in the market, the manufacturer gets a few years of exclusivity over that drug.  This allows them to make up for the cost of research and development and advertising.  Once that exclusivity expires, the manufacturer of the drug must give way for generic manufacturers to make the drug.  Generic manufacturers will then replicate the drug using the same formula and ingredients that the original manufacturer has used. Ideally, the only difference between the two in terms of manufacturing should be the manufacturing process and quality control.  Normally, original manufacturers will have a better manufacturing line and stricter quality control.

Generic ED Medications

As mentioned earlier, you will hardly find any difference between generic and branded ED medications.  This is because should there be a lapse in the effect of a generic drug, then the generic manufacturer would hardly sell any products.  For this reason, they need to stick as closely to the original product as possible. One of the best examples of good quality generic ED medication is tadalafil.  It takes all of the qualities that its branded counterpart has, particularly the 36 hours of effective duration.

Buy Your Tadalafil Online

If you are interested in the product, then you should know that you can buy tadalafil online.  There are a lot of online merchants who have direct connection with generic manufacturers abroad, so if you are interested to buy tadalafil online, they will be able to connect your tadalafil online purchase with the manufacturers themselves so you can have medications that are newly made.  This is actually better than buying several months old tadalafil from local pharmacies.  Additionally, if you buy tadalafil online, you will be able to get a better deal because online shops are able to offer the product to you at a much lower price than that of physical pharmacies.  Due to this, many men who have ED prefer to buy their tadalafil online.

Another good reason why you may want to buy your tadalafil online is because you are able to keep your secret a secret.  If you buy from your local pharmacy, there may be a chance that you may meet someone you know from your neighborhood who may overhear what you are buying.  Buying tadalafil online is however different because you remain anonymous and your package is sent to you in very discreet packaging so it gives no one the idea on what is inside the parcel.