Generic Tadalafil — Never Use it Along with Nitrate Medications

Generic tadalafil is easily among the more popular erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment drugs that are available in the market today.  This is because generic tadalafil is not only very effective in treating the condition, but it is also able to offer men with ED the longest effective duration.  Other ED drugs are only able to offer 4-8 hours of effective duration, but generic tadalafil can provide a whopping 36 hours of duration.  Of course these 36 hours does not mean you will get 36 hours’ worth of erection.  No! What you get is the capacity to get an erection.

If you are not familiar with how ED drug works, it’s simple: Once a man with ED ingests an ED medication like generic tadalafil, he will begin to have the same erectile response as he had when he did not yet have the condition.  This means he will begin to have an erection only in the presence of a sexual stimulus – touch, sight, or imagination.  Since most ED medications have only 4-8 hours effective duration, it means he can only have and sustain an erection during those times.  However, if he takes generic tadalafil, he will be able to have the capacity of gaining an erection for a day and a half long.  This is good if he is particularly sexually active as you are only allowed to take one ED medication per day.  If the active duration of the drug has passed, you will need to wait another day before you can take another one or potentially risk yourself of overdose if you do.

This is actually what makes generic tadalafil very popular among men with ED as they are not limited with the duration that other drugs offer them.  To date, there are four main competing brands in the ED market.  These drugs all belong to the class of PDE5 inhibitor drugs and they all basically have the same function – effective delivery of blood to the corpus cavernosum via the relaxation of the smooth muscle that constricts that cavity.  However, this also means that they have the same side effects as well as contraindications.

Generic tadalafil is a very safe ED drug to take.  However, like all other ED meds in the market, you should never take it alongside nitrate medications.  The drug interaction between PDE5 inhibitor drugs and nitrate is very dangerous and may even be lethal if no immediate medical intervention is made.

What makes taking nitrate medications with generic tadalafil very dangerous is not exactly the clashing interaction between the two drugs, but more like the elevation of the effect of the nitrate medication due to the PDE5 inhibitor drug.  Nitrate medications are mostly given to patients with heart problems – to lower or maintain blood pressure due to vasodilation.  Since generic tadalafil in itself can also lower blood pressure, using both drugs together may lead to a very low blood pressure, the likes that can fatal.  If you are taking nitrate medications, consult your doctor first prior to taking generic tadalafil.  It’s always better to be on the safe side than be sorry later on.