Generic Tadalafil – When Spending Your Money Wisely with ED Drugs is Necessary

If you currently suffer from penile impotence, then it is likely that you spend money just to be able to achieve the erection you need for sexual intercourse.  Unlike when you still had normal erectile functions and did not have to spend and use medications just to get an erection, once you do have the condition, you are compelled to spend money on erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment drugs to be able to fulfill the sexual urges that you have or that of your female partner’s.

If the sexual activity that you have is not on a regular basis, then it is likely that you do not complain too much on what you have to spend just to have a successful sexual intercourse.  However, if you have a very active sex life, the amount you spend on ED medications when you tally them all up on a given month can be quite significant.  Fortunately, there are generic ED medications like generic tadalafil that bears the same overall effect as that of their branded and more expensive counterpart.

Generic tadalafil is the generic version of the ED drug, Cialis.  Generic tadalafil is made using the exact same ingredients that Cialis uses which is why there is hardly any differences between the branded version and the generic tadalafil version.  The main selling point of Cialis is its long effect time of 36 hours.  Basically, since generic tadalafil possesses the very same active ingredients as that of Cialis, therefore, generic tadalafil in general also has 36 hours of effect time.  Both Cialis and generic tadalafil share the same overall effect.  The main difference between the two will be the price as the price of generic tadalafil will only be a fraction as that of Cialis.

The truth is there are a lot of people who are hesitant in using generic medications, possibly because generic drugs bear the stigma of being substandard and ineffective.  This perception over generic medications is due to the doing of other generic manufacturers as they try to cut cost on production and ingredients so that they will be able to gain better profits.  Fortunately, such cost cutting measures does not exist with generic ED drugs like generic tadalafil as their overall effect are very much visible and also felt.  For this reason, generic ED medications like generic tadalafil should never be likened to other generic drugs as generic tadalafil is simply very much effective and that generic tadalafil is equal in effect with its branded counterpart.

If you are looking to spend your money wisely on ED treatment drugs, then you may opt to using generic tadalafil.  Since generic tadalafil carries the exact same effect as that of its more expensive brethren, there is no reason why you have to commit yourself into using the more expensive medication when there is a cheaper alternative to it.  Using generic tadalafil is not just economical, but it will also allow you to buy more ED medications for the same price you pay when you buy branded ED drugs.