How Long Does Tadalafil Take to Work?

Tadalafil is one of the most important erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment drug that has been released in the market because this ED drug offers the longest duration that no other ED treatment drug can provide.  Upon taking the drug, it will normally take 30 minutes until the full onset of action of the drug takes effect.  For others though, it takes even less than that for them to feel an erectile response.  Once the tadalafil has taken its effect, the ED drug will normally provide the user up to 36 hours of erectile capacity.  This means they will be able to have the capability to have an erection within that time.  This 36 hours of effective time is actually very significant is the main selling point of the drug as most ED meds only offer around 4-10 hours of effect time.

Erectile Dysfunction and Treatments

Erectile dysfunction is simply put the inability to produce penile erection that is needed for sexual intercourse.  If the penis is limp or is only half hard, it will not have the capacity for vaginal penetration and therefore cannot be used for sexual intercourse.  There are actually many factors that can lead to erectile dysfunction.  Scientists however have simply categorized the cause into two – psychological and physical.  Psychological forms of ED are purely in the mind with normal erectile function reverting back as soon as the psychological problem is solved.  Physical forms of ED are more serious because under this type of ED, the smooth passage of blood towards the cavities inside the penis is hindered.  Such causes can be medically related, disease related, injury related, surgery related, or lifestyle related.  Regardless of where it is related, the fact of the matter remains that penile impotence leads to an unhappy sex life.

In the past, men who have ED resorted to using mechanical contraptions to help them simulate an erection so that they would be able to sexually please their partners.  The only problem with such is that the ones who got sexual satisfaction where the females as these contraptions where in no way pleasurable for the man.  In fact, some contraptions, like the surgical implantation of a bladder inside the penis, even led to serious infections.

The best treatment for ED comes in the form of ED medications that are classified as PDE5 inhibitors such as the drug tadalafil.  Tadalafil is actually one of the most recommended ED drug not just by ED doctors, but also by men with ED who have had the opportunity to test out different ED drugs.  This is because for them, tadalafil is both effective and provides the best and longest erectile function.  If you are interested with this ED drug, you will be pleased to know that you can buy tadalafil online.  In fact, most people buy their tadalafil online because online merchants are able to provide their product much cheaper due to lesser unnecessary expenditures like rent, salary, upkeep, and other legalities.

If you are on a budget, then you may want to consider buying your tadalafil online.  Buying tadalafil online is actually the most economical way of acquiring this ED drug.  Additionally, if you buy tadalafil online in bulk, not only will the prices of each tablet of your tadalafil online purchase go lower, but your tadalafil online dealer may even throw in some extra doses of the ED drug you are buying.