Tadalafil 20mg: How Does It Work and What Are the Side Effects?

Generic tadalafil is becoming a popular pick among men who wish to experience a long-lasting erection with just a pill. Commonly known as the “weekend warrior,” “weekend pill,” or “weekenders,” tadalafil 20mg is your ideal drug for treating erectile dysfunction if you don’t want to be bothered about taking your pill everytime you need to engage in sexual activities. You will experience the results 30 minutes after taking the drug, and enjoy the effects up to 36 hours, depending on how your body responds to the treatment.

Normally, chemical messengers are sent to the blood vessels of the penis when a man is sexually aroused. These chemicals widen the blood vessels by relaxing the smooth muscle tissues to allow more blood flow towards the male organ. Your penis needs enough blood supply so that it will spontaneously become large and fully erect. However, these activities may be hindered by PDE5 enzymes by breaking down the chemicals that cause erection. A lot of men, mostly those at the older age, may experience the symptoms due to hormonal imbalances. With the advent of ED drugs such as tadalafil 20mg, the symptoms can be taken cared of with the right dosage and treatment.

So how does tadalafil 20mg work? The ED drug follows the same principle. In order to sustain erection, tadalafil 20mg blocks the PDE5 enzymes from breaking down the chemical messengers. Thus, these chemicals retain within the blood vessels and continue its function by relaxing the smooth muscles so more blood supply will go to the penis. However, these chemicals, known as cyclic GMP, can only be released as soon as a signal is sent to the nervous system, telling the brain that a man is sexually stimulated. Generic tadalafil is not an aphrodisiac drug; it can only help you attain and maintain a full erection once you feel sexually excited with your partner.

What are the side effects of tadalafil 20mg? Side effects of the drug may actually vary, depending on the user’s body reaction towards the treatment. Most of the time, the ED drug may induce mild side effects which may not need serious medical attentions. This include flushing or redness of the neck, face and chest, a mild headache, muscle or back pain, flu-like symptoms such as runny nose or sneezing, upset stomach or diarrhea, and slight problems with memory.

In rare cases, tadalafil 20mg may also provide serious side effects on the user. Therefore, you need to go to the emergency center if you experience hearing problems, pain on the chest, pain on the arm and shoulder, sweating, sudden changes of vision, seizure, fainting, irregular heartbeat, breathing problems, nausea, and painful erection that extends for more than 4 hours. All these symptoms could be signs of complications. Although studies suggested that the complications may have aroused not because of tadalafil 20mg alone, but due to other health issues. Therefore, it is critical that you are clear from any health problems as well as from other medications which could have harmful combination with tadalafil 20mg.