Tadalafil 5 mg How Does It Work and What Are the Side Effects?

Normally, we all want to be curious about how a certain drug works and its possible side effects before we can actually embark to a therapy or medication. If you are doing self-treatment, then you might refer to the most reliable sources over the internet to answer your questions. If you are fortunate enough to find a good doctor, then he can explain everything to you the details about the drug he prescribed for you as well as the side effects which you might expect. One of being the most common problems among the male population around the globe is erectile dysfunction. Although science can already explain the root cause of this condition, researchers still shrug their shoulders about how to prevent or stop ED before it can even occur. However, with the advancement of the medical world , a lot of drugs have been already formulated to counteract with the devastating symptoms of ED. One of the most popular is generic tadalafil.

Generic tadalafil is the most recommended dosage for the treatment of impotence among men. Classified as one among the phosphodiesterase inhibitors, generic tadalafil functions by expanding smooth muscles around the penile area to encourage blood flow. As what we all may know, the penis needs sufficient supply of blood in order to attain a normal erection. However, you may only acquire this if you become sexually excited, otherwise generic tadalafil cannot do anything for you.

You can avail generic tadalafil at different dosage – 5 mg, 10 mg, and 20 mg. Tadalafil 5 mg is the smallest dosage you can start if tolerance is an issue for you. However, generic tadalafil 20 mg is the most recommended dose to get the maximum results. If you are not sure which dosage will work for you, you can ask your doctor for more information. Most of the time, doctors will check your medical history, your recent health status, body tolerance, allergies, and recent medications so he can adjust your generic tadalafil dosage. It is therefore not advisable to have self-treatment if you have other health issues.

How about the side effects of generic tadalafil? Negative sides should not be so much of an issue if you are not vulnerable or have no other health problems. For worst cases, serious effects may possibly occur but the chances are quite very rare. Some of the serious effects of generic tadalafil are: seizures, sudden vision loss, hearing problems, chest pain, irregular heartbeat, breathing difficulties, swelling of hands and feet, fainting, and painful erection that extends for as long as four hours. In case you have experienced any of these after taking generic tadalafil, consult immediately your physician as this may be a sign of serious complications.

Taking generic tadalafil may also expose you to less serious side effects. Some of these might include: redness of face, chest and neck; headaches; upset stomach; flu-like symptoms; muscle or back pain; and sore throat. However, this should not be threat since mild effects will eventually go away as soon as generic tadalafil flushes out from your system. If the sides of generic tadalafil become a burden, you can have it checked with your doctor for appropriate treatment.