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A Review on ED Treatment Cialis

Erectile dysfunction (ED) has always been a big problem for men since time immemorial.  However, ever since ED treatment drugs have been introduced and released in the market, the condition of erectile dysfunction no longer seems as dreadful as it did prior to ED drugs.  These days, ED treatment drugs are easily obtainable.  You can purchase them either on pharmacies or through online shops.  There are actually many online pharmacies that cater to this kind of medication.  To date, there are five competing brands in the ED market – V….a, Levitra, Staxyn, Stendra, and Cialis.  As with other medications, these ED drugs are also available in generic forms.

Whether in branded form or generic form, one of the more highly notable ED drug is Cialis cheap.  This ED drug enables you to save more money as not only is it cheaper than its competition, but it also provides you the longest effective duration that any other ED medication has.  In fact, Cialis cheap provides you with up to 36 hours of effective duration.  This is considerably long when compared to the 4-8 hours that its rivals can offer.  The truth is this long duration is very useful for couples who are highly sexually active.  There are some couples who have even nicknamed the ED drug as the “weekend pill” because all it takes them is one pill and they are set nearly for the whole weekend.

Cialis cheap is actually the third PDE5 inhibitor drug to be released in the market and is considered to be one of the big three names in the ED market.  Cialis cheap is manufactured by Eli Lilly and got its FDA approval last November of 2003.  The generic and active ingredient of the drug is called tadalafil.  Cialis cheap comes in doses of 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg.  Cialis cheap not only has a long effective duration, but it also has one of the fastest onset of action for an ED medication.  With V….a, you will need to take it at least an hour prior to any scheduled sexual intercourse.  With Cialis cheap, however, all you need is 30 minutes and you are all set to go.  This is one of the reasons why those who have tried Cialis cheap have become loyal to it because not only is it effective in treating their erectile issues, but it also provides them a much better erection than other ED treatment drugs.

Since all ED meds share the same course of action, it also means they share the same side effects as well as contraindications.  However, due to the difference in active ingredients being used, some meds have far worse side effects than others.  With Cialis cheap, the most common side effect you will experience is only indigestion and headache, something which for many is acceptable as long as they are able to sexually please both themselves and their partners.  Actually, the side effect you feel from Cialis cheap is considerably less when you look at the different side effects that other ED drugs can give you.