When To Take Tadalafil

Have you noticed the changes in your sexual life recently due to erectile dysfunction? Then you are not alone. Thousands of men around the world have been fighting the depressing symptoms of ED. And yes, it is not only depressing but eventually makes a difference in your sex life.

Tadalafil is just one of the few medications recommended by doctors for those who want to keep an active sexual life despite of having ED. To enjoy the effects of the drugs, you may have to follow your doctor’s prescriptions such as the proper dosage and the right time to take your meds.

Most men who do not want to see their doctor may ask, when to take tadalafil? The answer is simple – you can take the medicine daily if you want to be ready for bed anytime, or take a dosage only when you need it. But before you embark into this medication, you have to understand a few things to ensure your safety. First, you have to be eligible to take ED pills. Second, you should know the appropriate dosage that works best for you. Third, you should know when to take tadalafil. And last, you have to heed the warnings and be aware of the precautions to avoid complications.

Am I eligible to take tadalafil?

If you are hundred percent sure that you don’t have any allergies with the drug, then the medication should work perfectly for you. Another thing is your lifestyle. Are you a heavy smoker? Do you drink alcoholic beverages too much? Are you into illegal drugs? Are you using other medications, such as pills for controlling blood pressure? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the beneficial effects of tadalafil may not work for you. Why? Because tadalafil is an ED drug which is supposed to enhance blood flow to provide enough blood supply towards the penis. This is very important to achieve full erection. And taking tadalafil with other drugs and substances may cause harmful drug interactions as well.

What is the appropriate dosage of tadalafil?

The usual dosage for tadalafil is 20 mg. But this dosage may not work for some men since everyone is different and unique. If in doubt, your doctor can prescribe you the perfect dosage for you depending on your recent health conditions, your level of satisfaction, as well as your tolerance on the medications.

When can I take tadalafil?

It is recommended that you take tadalafil at least 15 minutes before you start sexual activities. Within 15 to 30 minutes, you can immediately appreciate its benefits. But take note that tadalafil will not help you with your erection if you are not sexually aroused. You can choose to take this drug regularly to keep yourself always on the go, or take a dose only when you need it. The good thing about tadalafil is that you can enjoy the results within 36 hours, so you won’t be bothered from taking your pill everytime you need it.

Precautions and warnings

As what we have mentioned earlier, there are drugs and substances which can be a dangerous combo with tadalafil. Aside from other prescription drugs, you should also avoid grape juice, fatty foods prior to taking the pill, and some dietary supplements that may affect the effectiveness of the drug. Women and children should also avoid exposure to tadalafil since they can be vulnerable to the drug’s dangerous effects.